Presentations and Workshops – Ramberg Senior Center

Schedule subject to change – check posted listing at the fairgrounds for any schedule updates.

10:30 Kitchen Science Lab for Kids
Liz Heinecke, Creator/Owner, Kitchen Pantry Scientist
(30 minutes)
Liz Heinecke of will be leading a kitchen science lab for kids. She will demonstrate a number of fun, safe kitchen science experiments from her book “Kitchen Science Lab for Kids” using ingredients most people have around the house. You’ll learn how to push an egg into a bottle using atmospheric pressure, create paper bag volcanoes, make magic potion from red cabbage, tie-dye milk, fizzy balloons, rock candy, marshmallow slingshots and alien monster eggs. Kids will get to do some hands-on science by making polymer slime and playing with magic potion!

11:00 Engineering Challenge 101!
Amy Blaubach, CEO of Curious Minds
(45 minutes)
Participants will be introduced to the engineering design process then given a challenge to complete. Challenge: Tennis Ball Lift. They will work in a team to design a simple working machine to life a tennis ball 1.5 meters in to the air. But there are a couple of catches. Come to the workshop to test your creativity. This workshop is appropriate for ages 5 – 101!

12:00 Building Interactivity
Kristina Durivage and Jerry Belich
(30 minutes)
Local game designer Jerry Belich and hardware hacker Kristina Durivage will describe some projects they built to open up new ways to interact with familiar things.

12:30 #DrawArt for #SocialGood
Paige Dansinger, Owner/Artist, #GalleryPaige
(45 minutes)
#DrawArt for #SocialGood invites you to watch, learn and join. Learn how to draw on your mobile device. Upload your digital drawings of art history. Share with friends using Social Media. Watch Paige demonstrate her program while she draws famous works of art that are iconic in the Twin Cities and in museums of the world. Join the FUN. Bring a mobile device with any free drawing app downloaded on it and you’re ready to participate!!! Join Paige as she draws by learning the basic shapes and colors that make your favorite works in art history. Experiment with colors and nib sizes to achieve your drawing. Upload your work to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

1:30 Code Tomorrow: Accelerated Learning in Software Engineering
Mark Hurlburt, President, Prime Digital Academy
(45 minutes)
Accelerated learning programs are providing new pathways into the field of software development for a wide range of students. These “bootcamps” emphasize experiential learning and an immersion approach to rapidly prepare students for work. Prime Digital Academy (Prime) brings an industry-driven accelerated learning program to Minnesota in partnership with a network of dozens of employers. Prime co-founder Mark Hurlburt will cover the principles of their new school, talk about their early success and discuss their philosophy on the intersection between traditional education and rapid skill-based training.

2:15 Raspberry Pi – For Regular Folks
Malik Bush, FeePay Sales Engineer, TIES
(25 minutes)
The Raspberry Pi single board computer is a member of a sorority of the most incredible tools to sally forth into our world in recent memory. A whole (LINUX! based) computer that not only fits in a cigar box, but still would leave space for a several cigars as well (assuming you’re into that kind of thing). In this presentation you will be astounded to see some of the things that regular people (non-programmers or electronics nerds) can do to bring this tool into their lives and enjoy the power of a real live non-telephonic computer in your pocket that is nearly as astounding in its capabilities as a Sonic Screwdriver (ask your friendly neighborhood Dr. Who geek what that is if you don’t know).

2:45 Making a New Idea – Soldering in the Classroom
Deanna Schmalz, student, age 11
(10 minutes)
Deanna Schmalz is a 5th grader at Glen Lake Elementary School. She is an avid electronic kit builder, and loves designing circuit boards for fun. She and her dad run Schmalz Haus LLC in their spare time. She has developed a learn-to-solder board that you can see at the booth she is sharing with Brian Schmalz (Egg Bot & Watercolor Bot). Deanna will discuss her project and answer questions.

3:00 Imagination Improv – Quick Ways to Inspire Creativity
Linda Polluck, Founder, Fun & Fab Idea Lab
(20 minutes)
Whether you are in that Zen-zone of creating or having a day of struggle, we’re going to cover some easy ways to tap into your creativity. By using the tools, SCAMPER and What Else Is Possible/What Else Can It Be, you’ll have a starting point to tell your brain it’s time get the imagination going. These tools have been used in elementary schools and with adults successfully and I’m excited to share them with you! Linda Pollock is the Founder of Fun & Fab Idea Lab, an inventing program for young inventors, and also an Inventing Coach for adults.

3:30 The Future of Consumer Engagement is Here
Rosemary Sundin, President, Orman Guidance Research
(20 minutes)
What happens if your maker hobby turns into a real business? How do you know how many to make, what color people like, or any of the countless little details that might be the success or failure of your new business. We are looking to begin a conversation about how you can connect with your potential customers.

4:00 Following your Passion: Ideas to Saving Lives
Michael Bonde, Engineer, Boston Scientific
(45 minutes)
My goal is to get kids excited about STEM topics. Any passion you have, kids to adults, can save lives. This is my job! Ever wonder how an idea gets made into a product in the medical device industry? Come and learn how, and have some fun while learning! We will explore Science and Technology with a truly interactive presentation.

Maker Party – International Bazaar

8 pm – Paul Metzger will be kicking off the evening with his 23-string banjo. How could we not feature this musician and maker who has been tinkering and crafting his own instruments for decades? If you aren’t familiar with Paul’s music, check out his website to get a preview of what you might hear and see at the party.

9 pm – RuDeGiRL hits the stage with their take on English punk rock. This female Tribute band to The Clash has played music venues all over town, including First Avenue.

10 pm – Savage Aural Hotbed caps a day of celebrating makers, tinkers, inventors and designers with their unique collection of conventional, modified and discovered instruments. Known for their high energy performances that combine musical and visual elements, we can’t think of a better way to wrap up the inaugural Minneapolis/St. Paul Mini Maker Faire.